Scrapbooking: Memories that Last a Lifetime!


Dec 10, 2012

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Sitting with photos, paper, pens, stickers, stencils, etc… all strewn about is one of the ways I enjoy spending my free time.  There is something so special about capturing all the details of specials events, memories, and time spent together with loved ones.  Currently I am working on four scrapbooks; a family book, and Noah, Aiden, & Oliver’s baby books.  I was once told at a scrap session that people should always scrap current.  Trust me this becomes increasingly difficult to do with three little ones and a full time job.  The baby books include all of the major and minor things that took place the boy’s first year and then all the bigger things in the subsequent years.  One day I hope to scrap about the special someone that wins their hearts and then I will pass the books along to them.  To me this is one way they will always have a piece of me with them.  Our family album includes photos and scraps from different vacations we have taken as well as events we have gone to see; tractor shows, zoos, visits with family.  To me scrapbooking is a way to document our lives.  When I look at photos placed in traditional photo albums I often try to recall what was going on when the photo was taken or where we were, but with scrapbooking I can include movie tickets, fliers, brochures; all the little tidbits that made the day meaningful.  In the baby albums I include items like hospital bracelets, a piece of hair from their first hair cut, etc.  I love scrapbooking!


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