Basement Trains & Erector Sets


Dec 3, 2012

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Well, I finally got our basement all cleared out, and stuff put back where it belongs this morning, so the boys can enjoy basement trains once again.  We have a home-made table with lionel trains in our basement, and the boys love it.  It’s one of their favorite things ever! All summer long stuff got piled around in our basement like usual, and when we had a threat of flooding, the basement pretty much ended up like  a twister went through.   Finally boxes are back where they belong (if there is such a thing), extension cords are hooked back up, and the trains are back on the tracks.  We’ve had so many fun times together building things out of wood, plaster, and foam.  It gives us something to do when the weather gets cold too.  It’s amazing how many memories we’ve made, building and tearing down, and just being silly.  We are also getting into the erector set craze too.  It is amazing how much you can build out of them!  Here’s a few photos.



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