The Bloomsburg Fair!

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Sep 26, 2012

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This week we had one day where the kids had no school, so we decided to head up to our hometown fair, the Bloomsburg Fair.  This is a huge fair, and no offense, it makes the Frederick Fair look like a smaller carnival.  Seriously, it’s 227 acres.   Back when we were dating, we would go to the fair ALL the time.  Of course back then, it was more a constant walking around and eating and wasting money on games or other stuff we didn’t need.  We still always enjoyed seeing all the animals, flowers and displays.  Every year, the record winner pumpkin is around 1000 pounds!  Back then we were locals so we had no time constraint to deal with.  We would go in the rain, wind or cold.  Hans would buy me a boyds bear and I would find him some collectable John Deere item.  We would just relax, and it was like a holiday week!  I remember getting soaked feet and warming up with hot soup or clam chowder.  It always rained the week of the fair!  We would visit with friends, and stay out pretty late.  I would get way behind in high school or college, but hey, it was the fair!
    This year our boys really had a great time and the animals were the biggest hit.  Oliver loved talking to the animals and crowing like a rooster!  Also we got to see one of our best friends ever, so that made the trip worth it in itself!  Here’s a quick photo of us in the rain which proves we still have some of the avid fair goer in us yet!  There’s also a photo of a baby peep that I’m sure at least one person will find adorable!  Have a great weekend!

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