Seaglass: And the Hunt is On!


Jun 29, 2012

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Over the past few years Hans and I have been searching for seaglass on our trips to the Outer Banks with the boys.  We have had some pretty successful days of searching there.  In 2010 we found over forty pieces in one day.  This past year we began searching a little closer to home at some of the local spots along the bay.  Noah and Aiden enjoy collecting pieces for their collections as well.  Noah seems to know what to look for in terms of frosty colors with smooth edges, but Aiden wants to keep any piece of glass he finds no matter how new it is.  He always seems a little sad if it is a newer peice and he has to toss it back.  He has some success though.  Oliver on the other hand wants to scoop handfuls of sand and pebbles and drop them in the bag.  Yesterday was a great day of searching!  We found more seaglass than on our best day in the OBX.  Not only did we hit the mother load of seaglass we also got to see a “pirate ship” sail by.  In the background you could hear it firing it’s cannons.  Everyone had a great time.  I even found my first piece of blue seaglass ever, woohooo!  The boys had a great time.  Noah even found a beautiful peice of olive.  He was quite proud of himself!


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