Grow it to Eat or Grow it to Sell, This is the question!


Jul 23, 2012

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Before moving to Maryland Hans and I grew a vegetable garden, well he planted and tilled and I mostly gathered and prepared the items we planted.  Hans would plant large quantities of a variety of vegetables and fruits.  When I say large quantities I mean like 30 plus tomato plants, multiple hills of squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.  You would think he was operating a small truck patch.  All of the food that I couldn’t use up fast enough or freeze he would sell at a small roadside stand that he made.  The roadside stand did very well and practically paid for all the seeds we had purchased.  The next year, he planted more.  By the time we had moved from that home, he had enough money from sales to buy a new roto-tiller.  Well, that was about 6 years ago.  We still plant a garden every year although we no longer operate a roadside stand.  I guess Hans hasn’t forgotten this.  Take a look at the crop of carrots we harvested the other day.  I have decided that I will try and preserve them in the basement this year.  I read somewhere that if you store them in buckets of sand in a cool place like a basement they will last the winter.  I guess we will give it a try.  As for the rest of the garden, we still have an aboundance of everything.  Whenever something dies off the soil is tilled and a new crop of something else is planted in its spot.

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