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Mar 1, 2013

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I was recently able to attend a workshop by two of our favorite photographers, Justin and Mary.  Justin and Mary are one of the kindest and talented husband and wife teams shooting weddings.  They have been a part of weddings all across the world and continue to put on workshops all across the country.  Since our baby was recently born, it was just me attending, but I talked Nicole’s ear off for sure when I got home!  Mary talked all about living out your dreams, and how to get things done.  I learned a lot of new things to help us focus more and manage the business more efficiently.  I gained so many new ideas from that part alone, it was amazing!  Justin’s part was all about the technical part of photography and was as equally valuable.  He taught all about shooting in extremely difficult lighting situations, and covered everything from dealing with tricky mixed light sources, to using off camera flash setups, to quickly assessing the available light and using it to it’s best potential.  On top of that I got to finally meet many of my on-line showiteer friends.  Every since we started our website through showit, (a website for photographer company), we have been blown away.  Showit provides so many amazing learning resources for photographers, and supports the large group of connected photographers online, known as the showiteers group.  We have been blessed with making new friendships and have been helped tremendously too.  Some big advances in our business were all a result of taking the advice of our friends who are some of the best photographers in the country.  It was great to finally meet some showiteers in person!  I even got to meet the owner of Showit, David Jay who is the type of person who feels like your friend the minute you say hello.  David Jay’s personality and the way he cares for others is wonderful to say the least.  So many people have been blessed with David Jay’s help and generosity.  Here are a few photos that were taken at the event,


Wedding Photographers in Maryland at Justin & Mary Event0002Wedding Photographers in Maryland at Justin & Mary Event0002Wedding Photographers in Maryland at Justin & Mary Event0002

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