Celebrating in December!


Dec 12, 2012

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In January of 1998 Hans and I were working at Weis Markets.  He was in produce, and I was working in the office.  He drove his blazer into a ditch and needed to have it towed out.  Since he was new on the job he still hadn’t gotten his first pay check, so he came to the office to ask for a pay advance.  I had to deliver the sad news that the store no longer gave pay advances.  This was the first time we met!  He and I knew a mutual co-worker, Tanya whom I asked about Hans and told her I thought he was cute.  Hans ended up calling Tanya asking about me, and she gave Hans my phone number.  He called me and we selected a date and time and on January 28, Hans and I went on our first date.  He took me out to see see Titanic.  We had such a great night!  I knew then that he was the perfect guy for me.

This year we will have been together 15 years.  Since we are expecting our little one on Christmas eve, Hans surprised me with a trip to our favorite restaurant in Annapolis.  On our way we stopped to do some shopping for our new little one at Babysrus.  We had fun until we went to get in line to check out.  The line wrapped around the entire front of the store which we didn’t realize when we walked in.  None-the-less it was fun just hanging out together.  After leaving the store we headed to the restaurant only to be stuck in a never-ending, crawling line of traffic.  We had plenty of time to reminisce though.  As we got closer to the restaurant we found out what was going on.  It was the Christmas Lights Boat Parade at the Annapolis docks.  It was our lucky day!  The restaurant we were eating at had a beautiful view of the water, so we had plenty of time to see the unique boats decorated like Christmas trees, Santa’s sleigh, a lighthouse, and a train to name a few.  (shhhh don’t tell our kids about the train one)  After dinner we stood on the dock and watched the parade finish up.  It was such a great time!  So happy that we had the opportunity to go out together and thank you to Tanya for helping to get us together.  Where would I be without Hans?  He is the light of my life.  I love you honey!!!

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